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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Top fictional characters!

Woop woop! I finally told myself I'd do this list, as hard as it may seem. Grab a pillow, because you're about to fall asleep.
10. V- V For Vendetta
Okay, anyone who has read or watched V for Vendetta can agree he is the best terrorist there is. (Never thought I'd put that into a sentence, honestly.) He's just so poetic, yet so disastrous. Weird. 
9. Winston Smith- Nineteen-Eighty-Four
He's not really like-able. I must admit. But, he's the protagonist of Nineteen-Eighty-Four. So, that's all I have to say to you, Winston.

8. William Darcy- Pride and Prejudice
We've all swooned over him. C'mon, we all know that. He's so wonderful! 
(He's so Spock-like! Gahhhh)
8. Tintin
Pfft, I totally wasn't, like, in love with him or something when I was little. He's kind, smart and has silly looking hair. You're on the list.

7. Spock
I would really love to rank him higher, but I just love these next ones to bits. Besides, Vulcans can't feel emotions, right? Live Long And Prosperous
6. Liesel Meminger
She loves books. That's all you need to be in this list.
5. Anne Of Green Gables
I idolized her as a little girl, and still kinda do. She's just so..idol-like!
4.  Gilbert Blythe
I just love Gilbert so much, it's just crazy. Him and Anne are the perfect couple, just shufirsheiufhnsdf.
3. Rudy Steiner- The Book Thief
No! Why did the book have to end like that?! Excuse me while I cry. No. I still cannot deal with it. So here he is, that lovable little Jesse Owens loving t1hing.
I feel like someone is clearly missing on my list, so number two is for you to decide. Who's your favourite fictional character?
1. Drumroll please.....Atticus Finch- To Kill A Mockingbird
No, I did not put Batman. Atticus Finch rules! Now this book touched the deepest darkest pit of my soul. :')

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