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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Jon Stewart and media today.

My posts are rapidly getting more and more irregular, so sorry about that. ARGH!! I'll try to be more regular, and write one satire and one serious blog per week! I promise! This week I'll be writing a more political one for you political nuts. So, yeah. Enjoy. Or don't. I'm not your mom.

It was announced that Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show, and it made me a little sad. Of course, all things must come to an end at some point, but being a teenager, there is something about The Daily Show that draws me in.
The problem with politics I find, and being a collective part of youth today myself,  there is no gateway. Politics are black and white, and with youth, there is no connection. Nothing is explained, the new generation is supposed to accept the way politics is wrapped up in the traditional media format "Just because that's the way it always has been".
And I can sure as hell tell you that none of my friends give a rat's arse about politics. Why? Because there is no change, there is such a hierarchy in politics that we think that there is no way our voice will be heard.
Not to mention how unreliable and bias some news programs that deliver this information can be.
It's often associated that the new generation is less intelligent or bares less intellect just because we don't conform to how politics are, and ironically, always have been. But it's not. Frankly, The Daily Show and shows such as The Colbert Report touch us because it's more human, we don't feel like a robot is talking to the screen, blurting out arbitrary phrases. Arguably, satire is more reliable than the non-satirical and traditional way of media. That's why we enjoy it. Because it's real, and from there we can base our own opinions, but it's also not so incredibly serious, it's a mix of both.
Now, News headlines are emerging saying how Jon, and figures such as himself are brainwashing the new generation! I can tell you that the youth of today aren't stupid, we're dismissed and perceived as dumbed -down. But if you're here to tell me that these shows are the shows that are brainwashing us, and not something like FOX News, a radical-right-winged news channel, then I'm sorry, but I have to disagree.
Of course, what does my opinion matter to you, loyal viewer? It probably doesn't mean too much, but on behalf of many teenagers who agree, I have but one thing to say:
The younger audience aren't hard to understand, we just want to be heard as well, on an equal pedestal, and on the idea that our opinions matter. 
So yeah, the reason many young people are losing the will to vote in a working democracy, is because they think the vote won't matter. Prove us otherwise.
Thank you,
A random internet 15-year old.