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Friday, 25 April 2014

How pathetically scared I am at everything

I am just trying to prove my case here. I admit it, I am a pansy. So, here it comes. I should start naming these
"Freakishly embarrassing blogs". This would be number two. 
Alright, it all started one day in drama class, my favourite period of the day. Well, actually lunch is. I get to eat. Eating is fun. Unless you are eating some hybrid in a bun, Then eating is not fun. 
Psst, see that cool thing I did with the text? Gnarly duuuude.
Okay, so we were in drama class, and my drama teacher mentions something about footsteps and how nobody was there and blah blah. Then she said the school was built on a school yard, and me being stupid of course, thought she was saying the truth. She turned off the lights, and I went ballistic. I started to shiver, and my friend of course thought I was such a coward. Well, they went on to tell freaking horror stories! In the dark! I spent the whole class thinking someone was behind me. I MEAN WHO WOULDN'T. C'MON PEOPLE. 
But, that's not all of my pansy stories. Here comes #2. So fasten your seat-belt. Wait, if you're sitting in a car you don't need a seat-belt. Scratch that. Nevermind. (No spell check I do not need a hyphen for the word nevermind. Shuddap.)
So, this takes place with the drama group and with the same friend. About high time I mention her, eh? Okay. Zara, welcome to my pathetic blog post! So, we were going to see this play called the huron bride. Short summary of it:
A mill that hums when you sit in it. A freaky little girl who bites animals heads off. A murderous husband who actually isn't murderous, is just really clumsy and marries strange women. I mean, he managed to kill two of his wives! C'mon man! At least get it right the second time. So the whole play, they were playing these strangely projected creepy sounds, and through the whole play I was screaming:
Then at the end they had this creepy axe thing where they break the floorboards of the play and then after the dead wife holds a real life axe and points it at your face! Oh dear lord. Anyways, I think I proved my point. Thank you, Zara for putting up with my pansy-ness. (SPELL CHECK I PUT A HYPHEN WHERE I WANT YOU IDIOT)
Okay, bye.

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