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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Book Review: Nineteen-Eighty-Four

  I will cry like a baby. I will. Give me a book, and I will cry like a baby. I always end up crying when I finish an incredibly good read.
(Don't you just love the fact that you always have no idea what I am talking about when I begin a blog post? I'm a confusing person. )
So let's see. List of books I have cried over.
Anne Of Green Gables
Anne Of Avonlea
The Art Of Racing In The Rain
Sarah's Key
Nineteen-Eighty-Four ( I was trying not to cry in English Class, it's a professional sport. I call it
"Hold-Tears-In-After-Reading-A-Good-book-no-wait-I-Want-To-Cry-Okay-Cry-Anyways" Okay, end of footnote. Wait, I am already off topic. This is not a list of books I have cried over. My dear Lord, I need to end this footnote. Bye! See you at the other side of the parentheses! Safe travels!)

Hi, I'm back. You really didn't need to read that part. Let's go back to being professional. RIGHT!
By: George Orwell
Let's provide a synopsis for you who aren't very literate, shall we?
A man by the name of Winston Smith lives in a society built on totalitarianism, Socialism, Autocracy, and many many other -isms. Basically, the whole world is in the hands of one party/person/dictator, etc. This place is called Oceania. It's fictional, relax. (OR IS IT? DUN DUN DUUUUN) One must never think as an individual in Oceania, you have to follow the orders of the leader, Big Brother. They have terms such as
"Thought Crime"
"Double Think"
And many other terms used today. To sum it up, Winston has trouble thinking like the rest of the world, and thinks as an individual. Orwell did provide one hell of a plot twist, I'll say.

I loved this book. I couldn't sleep for two months, but I loved it. It was a tad bit gruesome, actually it was really gruesome, but it was an enlightening read. I think any politician should read this. But please, if you're a politician, don't read it as an instructions manual for the government. No, I did not mean it this way. I still want my mind please. I say they should read it to understand how to balance a government. Sometimes the government tips the scale on things, causing things to fall off the scale. Let's take an example.
That is one thing governments never know how to balance. Because, quite Frankly, not everyone is a terrorist. But, some people are. Like my dog, who is currently strapping TNT on me. Just kidding, she's just a harmless midget. 
So in focus, this book was great. A great example of what could happen with extremism on any point. A good lesson learned from Mr. Orwell. Although, I think it may be misconstrued as an instructions manual. 
I give it a 10/10. So, if you like scary, harsh reality, political books, go read it. 
Have a wonderful evening, and remember, my dog isn't actually evil. She's wonderful. I swear!

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