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Friday, 8 May 2015


I realized something: You can hardly call yourself something you don't do on a regular, or that you abandon.
For example: You can't call yourself a swimmer when you don't swim. You can't call yourself a writer when you don't write.
And sadly, you can't call yourself a blogger, when in fact, you don't blog.

Isn't that sad? Well guess what, I'm not abandoning this blog anymore! I'm not leaving it like a kid lost in a supermarket, clinging to someone else's leg without realization.


SIKE, it's still the same low-grade quality trash, however it's trash on a regular! YAY!


In case you're wondering why I was gone for so long, I was really busy, with school and PSSHT living a life. (Let's all be Netflix Hermits)

Anyways, welcome back to the Grand Re-Opening of my blooogg y'all.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Jon Stewart and media today.

My posts are rapidly getting more and more irregular, so sorry about that. ARGH!! I'll try to be more regular, and write one satire and one serious blog per week! I promise! This week I'll be writing a more political one for you political nuts. So, yeah. Enjoy. Or don't. I'm not your mom.

It was announced that Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show, and it made me a little sad. Of course, all things must come to an end at some point, but being a teenager, there is something about The Daily Show that draws me in.
The problem with politics I find, and being a collective part of youth today myself,  there is no gateway. Politics are black and white, and with youth, there is no connection. Nothing is explained, the new generation is supposed to accept the way politics is wrapped up in the traditional media format "Just because that's the way it always has been".
And I can sure as hell tell you that none of my friends give a rat's arse about politics. Why? Because there is no change, there is such a hierarchy in politics that we think that there is no way our voice will be heard.
Not to mention how unreliable and bias some news programs that deliver this information can be.
It's often associated that the new generation is less intelligent or bares less intellect just because we don't conform to how politics are, and ironically, always have been. But it's not. Frankly, The Daily Show and shows such as The Colbert Report touch us because it's more human, we don't feel like a robot is talking to the screen, blurting out arbitrary phrases. Arguably, satire is more reliable than the non-satirical and traditional way of media. That's why we enjoy it. Because it's real, and from there we can base our own opinions, but it's also not so incredibly serious, it's a mix of both.
Now, News headlines are emerging saying how Jon, and figures such as himself are brainwashing the new generation! I can tell you that the youth of today aren't stupid, we're dismissed and perceived as dumbed -down. But if you're here to tell me that these shows are the shows that are brainwashing us, and not something like FOX News, a radical-right-winged news channel, then I'm sorry, but I have to disagree.
Of course, what does my opinion matter to you, loyal viewer? It probably doesn't mean too much, but on behalf of many teenagers who agree, I have but one thing to say:
The younger audience aren't hard to understand, we just want to be heard as well, on an equal pedestal, and on the idea that our opinions matter. 
So yeah, the reason many young people are losing the will to vote in a working democracy, is because they think the vote won't matter. Prove us otherwise.
Thank you,
A random internet 15-year old.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Karate Kid-ding

Okay so I've realized it's been a month since I've written something here, and people have actually complained about the lack of content here. Not sure what's more surprising, that people read this blog, or that people actually want to read more of this blog.

Have you had a crappy day? Awe, I'm sorry, feel better internet stranger, for alas, behold, yet another..wait for it..


I try my best to take up Karate. I try and punch, and sound really strong GRRRR. Y'know, the usual, growl at people, shoot them angry looks. The usual. But in reality, I'm as strong and as intimidating as this:
*Insert intimidating growl and awkward dance here*
But really, I think I look like this.

The problem with karate is, they make you do work, and work really hard. I come in here thinking I'm going to wear my gi and look as cool as Ralph Macchio, and people are going to think:
  "Woah, that girl, she's a badass. She's wearing her white belt on her forehead, and not actually kicking but dancing some weird voodoo ritual, but she's still badass."
I'm actually sitting here trying to do squats, and telling my body:
 "No, this is not a toilet cosplay, this is just *Exercise*"
BE STRONG, BE A WOMAN ROAR!!! (I think Katy Perry will very much agree) This is probably the worst interpretation of the philosophy in Karate, so I apologize in advance. I love Karate, I'm just not exactly the best at it!

*Ahem, lemme say that if you're good at Karate and have mastered all these complex Katas like a boss, Kudos to you. It's a complex Martial arts. Here's a pixelated cookie, stranger:

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Heh. (Insomnia blog #1)

It's currently 1:21 AM where I am, and insomnia has reigned it's ugly rear once more. So, what better way to use this insomnia than to write gibberish?
Usually at this hour I feel like writing, but quite frankly, the idea of having a novel that is a complete and utter failure after you have poured hours of your soul into it makes me extremely regretful. Not sure why any of you would want to read about these struggles to begin with, but if you are a writer, I have one thing to say:
Don't stop writing.
It doesn't matter how terrible your novel is, you just moulded characters out of the nothing, and you dedicated time to creating a universe that otherwise wouldn't have existed.
I have a respect for anyone who has ever written a novel. I have written around three, and it's a lot of work.
Although I am frustrated with my characters, they are probably frustrated with me for talking a lot of crap about them. (Sorry.)

1:29 AM: Probably should get to bed, since I have to ski tomorrow morning. Aren't we as humans weird? We decide we want to run down a giant mountain on two blocks of wood and plastic, and stuff. Don't ask me I'm not a ski-builder. 

1:31 AM: Okay it's pretty late now, and hey mom, I know you're going to read this and wonder why your daughter is up at such an ungodly hour writing about two blocks of wood and plastic, and yeah, I don't know either.

1:32 AM:  Isn't sleep weird? It's like, for 6 to 8 hours in a 24 hour cycle we decide we have to lie still and be sort of alive but not quite, then decide it's time to contribute to society once those 8 hours are done? Well, time itself is weird. THERE IS NO REALITY. THERE IS NO TIME. SPACE. NO TIME SPACE CONTINUUM. TIME IS JUST AN ARBITRARY ILLUSION.

1:35 AM: Why is it technicians always have beards? I have never met a technician without a beard. Heh. Guess it's in the job description. Well, I guess I can never be a technician. Or I could, but then I would also be able to be in the circus as a bearded lady. 

1:38 AM: So, hey, I'm going to go lie still for 6 to eight hours and commit to the illusion..Dunno how to end this, erm. Um...

Friday, 26 December 2014

Huxley VS. Orwell THE BIG BATTLE

Hey guys! Hope you had an amazing Christmas!
Today I'm going to tackle a pretty tough topic, and do some analysis on it the topic is: Aldous Huxley Vs George Orwell!
Alright, let me give you some insight: George Orwell and Aldous Huxley were famous classic literature writers known for their novels on Dystopia and totalitarianism.
Basically, they wrote about what they thought the world would be like in a couple decades.

Orwell had the original idea that the future would be run by one front-man, and a big corporation or government behind it. The front-man popularly known as "Big Brother". Orwell had the idea that the world would be run on a black and white schedule, with no general excitement except for the same tasks. He thought the world would be run in a way that enforcing orders included mind control, violence and repetition.

Huxley had the idea that society would be enforced in a very indirect way. They polished civilians to think everything was at it's normal state, getting a daily dose of everything in life. Arguably, a Utopia.
Children were all victims of genetic-modification. Huxley created a world were the general population of people were blindsided by the big corporations and government.

Now the comparison, who of the two writers was closer to the present? Orwell wrote "1984" in 1948, all he did was switch the two last digits around. Huxley wrote "Brave New World" in 1932, a couple years before Orwell.
My point of view on this? I think neither. I think both have rich senses of today, the censorship that was in both of them still exists today. I also think that both books go to different extremes. Huxley goes towards the side of censorship and utopia, while Orwell goes to obedience, and harsh consequences.
(Disclaimer: My analysis may be lacking a bit on Huxley because I have researched Orwell more.)

Huxley and Orwell had ideas on the worst possible state society could be in, so they went to extremes. I think that we are starting to see censorship today, but at the same time, I'm on social media expressing myself at this very moment. We also see a lot of violence, however. That's not going to really change, and we could really go any way. But my point is, we could see something like this in the future, because right now we are at a mild stage of all these possibilities. We're at a point where there are snip-its of Orwellian, and snip-its of huxleyesque things. I think the future will hold a sort of Hux-Well kind of society.

But I think as long as people like these writers, people with hopes and ideals exist, we can keep our society in a balanced check. While things are still not perfect, (Not near perfect) we still haven't gone to such extremities. I think people rise up now, and don't tolerate these kind of things. We don't tolerate racism, there's always someone there to say something about it. What happened in Ferguson brought such an up-rise, the people spoke up. I think we're heading to a path where, although not perfect, we try and make the difference and fight for equality. So no, I don't think we are either Huxley or Orwell.
Because people now condone gender roles, people are against any form of inequality, and people are losing the fear to speak up against a popular belief and change something that is wrong.

I think humankind is seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, although faint and far away, a light. It's closer than we think, and I think one day we won't have to refer to these works (Although fairly interesting) and think of these as society.

If you read all this thanks for listening to a fourteen-year-old garble about things I don't merely know enough about. Thank-you.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

You're an arse, Kevin.

This is an open letter to you, Kevin. Yeah, you. 
In case any of you have no idea who Kevin is, he's the guy who was operating the emergency room the day I had uncontrollable nose bleeds. Basically, I was on tumblr, and suddenly my nose turned into a shower head.
But this blog is not about what a crappy nose I got from the nose store, this is about Kevin. 

Me and my mom walk into the emergency room, and there he is. A bald man, with a smug look on his face, and those shower curtains nurses have to wear that I do not know what they are called.

Kevin: Name?

Mom: *Starts to say letters*
He then interrupts my mom after every letter she says, screaming

Kevin:  WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? 

Me: V-I-G-N-E-A-U-L-T!

Kevin: K. And what are you here for?

Me: Well all day, I felt-

Kevin: *Interrupts me* I MEAN NOW. NOT ALL DAY.

Me: OK. I am here because I had an uncontrollable nose bleed yesterday and today.

Kevin then rolls his eyes like some sassy woman. 

Kevin: Um. Yeah? I don't see it bleeding right now.

GEE, WILL SOMEONE JUST GIVE THIS MAN A NOBEL PRIZE? Just, hand him a nobel prize for such insightful discoveries. Wow. Just, amazing.

Kevin: So like, why should we admit you then? Tell me why we should admit you. What are your symptoms. 

This goes on for maybe 5 minutes after that. So Kevin, here's my advice: First of all, let the patients speak. Secondly, if I wouldn't have known better, maybe you would have gotten a nice demonstration of my nose bleeds on your shiny shower curtain shirt yeah...stop that..please..

(P.S I may be the biggest hyperbole user of all time)