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Friday, 23 May 2014

12 Really Awkward Family Photos

We've all had them. The only thing is, you can rank them like this:
1. Accidental awkward photo
2. Awkward photo
3.Weird Photo
4. Okay, what the heck?
5. You are definitely not normal.
6. I called a taxi to the asylum.

"My head is more important than the rest of your bodies"

"She's all I think about."

So, let me get this straight. Vain husband, Murderous son, and the daughter doesn't even care that her mom is being choked silently by her brother. Ideal family.
"Hello? Hello? Sorry, we're too busy taking an awkward photo to talk to you right now!"

The mom's thinking:
"Where did I go wrong?"

Seems like they're huge fans of Anne Of Green Gables.
Awkward family photos
"Five second rule!"
Awkward family photos
"Hey do you know where the camera is?"
"No idea!"
Awkward family photos
Looks like the lobsters are cooking some humans for dinner tonight.
Awkward family photos
"Jumpsuit no for babi"

The hair that the father doesn't have, went to his family.

So majestic.

Have a great day guys! Bye!

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