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Monday, 29 September 2014

Bad-ass Italian guy

He was old. He was unenthusiastic. He was buying toothpaste. Isn't that just the definition of bad-ass? Nothing says you kick butt like saying "I need to clean my mouth"
Let me introduce this hell-of-a-guy to you. I was at Costco, and me and my mother were in line with our cart filled with "Healthy snacks" and stuff. We all know the line in Costco is longer than the great freaking wall of China, because who doesn't love to buy ten boxes of raisin bran, just cuz?
So this guy suddenly just looked blankly at the cash register and said:
"I needa go gets me some moar moneys.."
And walked deeper into Costco, leaving his three items just sitting there. He didn't care that we had a cart full of toiletries about to explode, nah he just walks deeper into Costco (Because by the way, since when has walking deeper into the store where you buy stuff, the place you'll find the money to pay for your darn Sensodyne!
This guy is the new Chuck Norris. Just you watch out.
Kudos to you sir, we just spent five more minutes in line.

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