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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

I don't remember signing up for this..

..So, I keep hearing about this bizarre thing all over my school talking about, what?
"Final exams"
They give you this big-donkey (Get it? Get it?) test, and then you have to write down about everything in the year, and they used a word that I don't understand, it's not in my vocabulary. You can "fail" What does this mean? I don't remember filling out a form to sign up for this? Is this a free thing? I don't really want it in my school year if it's like a bonus or something. Is there anyway I can unsubscribe to this from all my courses?

Just kidding. I know what it is.

But seriously, I don't remember signing up for this with a side of ulcers. (Thank God I haven't gotten the side dish. Yet.)

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