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Monday, 21 April 2014

An Open Note To Oppressive Governments

I don't get it, guys. I really don't. I'm pointing my finger at you, totalitarian governments, or soon-to-be-totalitarian-governments-but-not-exactly-there-yet. That is why I am writing this. Look, guys I know you think you're right about anything. I get that. You don't want anyone else's opinion on how you should run your country, because who are they to judge, right? Let me refresh you on something: that is the point of a DEMOCRACY. You are founded on the people. The people selected you to be responsible with your power. Not to act like a teenage girl after she is given the house for the weekend. No, that is not the example that you should follow. So oppressive governments, stop acting like teenage girls! C'mon guys. Listen to the people, they want freedom. Thanks,
Monique (Ironically, a teenage girl..)

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