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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Karate Kid-ding

Okay so I've realized it's been a month since I've written something here, and people have actually complained about the lack of content here. Not sure what's more surprising, that people read this blog, or that people actually want to read more of this blog.

Have you had a crappy day? Awe, I'm sorry, feel better internet stranger, for alas, behold, yet another..wait for it..


I try my best to take up Karate. I try and punch, and sound really strong GRRRR. Y'know, the usual, growl at people, shoot them angry looks. The usual. But in reality, I'm as strong and as intimidating as this:
*Insert intimidating growl and awkward dance here*
But really, I think I look like this.

The problem with karate is, they make you do work, and work really hard. I come in here thinking I'm going to wear my gi and look as cool as Ralph Macchio, and people are going to think:
  "Woah, that girl, she's a badass. She's wearing her white belt on her forehead, and not actually kicking but dancing some weird voodoo ritual, but she's still badass."
I'm actually sitting here trying to do squats, and telling my body:
 "No, this is not a toilet cosplay, this is just *Exercise*"
BE STRONG, BE A WOMAN ROAR!!! (I think Katy Perry will very much agree) This is probably the worst interpretation of the philosophy in Karate, so I apologize in advance. I love Karate, I'm just not exactly the best at it!

*Ahem, lemme say that if you're good at Karate and have mastered all these complex Katas like a boss, Kudos to you. It's a complex Martial arts. Here's a pixelated cookie, stranger:

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