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Sunday, 30 March 2014

My First Blog! Welcome Reader!!

So this is how it feels to write a blog. Just writing, not really expecting anyone to read what you say, but by a little inch of hope, maybe just maybe someone will read your posts. Well, let me introduce myself, my middle name is not really Bookish, but I wish it was. Let me explain why I wanted this blog. I wanted to have a place I could write and be free, and maybe find someone who agrees. Fat chance. Anyways, reader, if you stuck around to read my blubbering this long, I would cordially like to thank you. So this is my first blog. Not much but it is a start. So please reader, allow me to reward you with this entertaining video of Dr. McCoy and his "I'm a Doctor not a.."
Monique (Bookish) Vigneault

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